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Service Capabilities

Writtenhouse Inc. is more than just a direct mailing company. We offer a wide range of marketing and communication services.

Direct Mailing: Our bread and butter service offering. We can send both letters and packages to just about anywhere in the UK and North America. We can also mail to your existing list.

Retargeting: Whether it’s via follow-up packages/letters, SMS blasting, or digital marketing - we can retarget to leads contacted in your initial
campaigns to encourage them to take action.

Funnel Development & Management: Where will your traffic/leads go once they receive your letter? We can design, develop, and advise upon your back-end conversion systems, where appropriate.

Marketing/P.R. Campaign Services: Not sure how your letters should read, or whether your funnel is effective? Our team can help you deliver and manage an effective campaign.

Security: All letters and packages can be sent via signed for delivery. This is especially useful for eCommerce operators - deliver a lasting impression on your customers, and increase your probabilities of fighting “friendly fraud”.

Research: Your marketing and direct mail campaigns are only as effective as your understanding of the customer avatar. Using our previously established business and consumer insights, combined with our database access, we can target your ideal customer with pinpoint accuracy to ensure a profitable campaign.

A la Carte:  We also provide copywriting, graphic design, or general consultancy; For highly niched requirements, we can tap into our team’s wide knowledge and experience base to deliver exactly what you need. 

Case Study: Solar Energy

The Client is a solar energy supplies business based in the Midwest of the United States.

The Problem: The Client was advertising its equipment using conventional digital marketing methods. Due to the dynamic elements associated with the market for ad space, it was difficult to determine whether budget distribution was efficient.

Due to the low margin associated with the Client’s product, high value was placed on efficient allocation of the campaign budget.

The Solution: The use of Writtenhouse Inc.’s direct mail service allowed for: (1) a more desirable cost per lead (CPL) to be accomplished - as third-party platforms such as Google and Facebook could be circumvented; and (2) a higher ROI to be realized - due to a lower CPL and the more focused nature of direct mail allowed for higher conversions.

Previous campaign results were analyzed and formed the basis of the KPI performance for the direct mail campaign run by Writtenhouse Inc.:


Pre-Writtenhouse Inc.

Writtenhouse Inc.

Cost Per Lead



Cost Per Acquisition



Average Order Value (AOV)



Return Ratio



Case Study: Alternative Health

The Client is an alternative health retail outlet, with 50 shops operating throughout the West Coast of the USA.

The Problem: Alternative health products are heavily limited in their avenues of marketing, through which they can promote their products.

Common platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads specifically prohibit certain items from being advertised to their users.

These items include, but are not limited to: pharmaceuticals, pornography, and firearms.

The Solution: Due to the restrictive nature of popular ad platforms like Facebook and Google, Direct mail was considered as a viable alternative. 

Sending letters and other direct mail does not have any “terms and conditions” restrictions, in terms of written content. This allowed for ultimate creative freedom.

Leads, to whom the Client’s letters were sent, were obtained through Writtenhouse Inc.’s database access. Leads were chosen according to their demographics, psychographics, and purchasing habits, as identified through prior conducted research.

Services Used



Direct Mail



SMS Text Blasting



Funnel Development & Management






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